August 25, 2012: Final Forum Presentation

On the morning of Saturday, August 25, 2012 – almost one year after the Citywide Visioning Forum in October 2011 – over 200 participants came to the Birmingham Museum of Art to hear about the Draft Birmingham Comprehensive Plan and discuss its recommendations. Fox News anchor Steve Crocker emceed the event and Mayor William A. Bell Sr. welcomed participants. He spoke about the need for implementation and active use of the Plan once it is approved by the Birmingham Planning Commission. Mayor Bell expressed his commitment for one of the plan’s recommendations: a conference in early 2013 to bring national experts and funders to Birmingham to share their knowledge and help revitalize Birmingham’s neighborhoods.  Participants viewed exhibits about the plan’s recommendation and the planning process and gave individual and group feedback about major implementation of the plan.

Missed the event? Stay up to date by checking out these resources:

Forum Presentation
Meeting Summary

Summary boards provide an overview of how the Plan addresses a variety of issues:

The Big Picture
Prosperity and Opportunity
Neighborhoods, Preservation and Housing
Community Renewal and Revitalization
Birmingham Goes Green

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